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Himpunan Mahasiswa Statistika (HIMASTA) FSM UNDIP proudly presents:

Seminar Public Speaking and Job Interview “Mastering the Skill Gaining the Brighter Future” will be held on Saturday, 16th Juny 2012 at Gd. Perikanan Diponegoro University.

The speakers are:

1. Umay Beybi (a.k.a Halimatus Sa'diyah S.I.Kom, penyiar radio IBC FM Semarang)

2. Titi Agustina (Personal manager PT Indofood Tbk.)


Presale Ticket

Mahasiswa 35.000

Umum 50.000

Include (snack, lunch, certificate pf participation, handout materi)


Limited offer!! Grab it Fast


CP: Lulus 085742951948