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Welcome to QiR 2013

Human being always tries to increase its quality of life from time to time. Under the globalization today, this results in very competitive atmosphere in all aspects. To fulfill their needs, however, human being must consider the impact of their efforts on the environment. Therefore, sustainable development should balance both the fulfillment of human life quality and its harmony with the nature. Innovation in eco-based multidisciplinary knowledge and skills becomes the important key, and this central issue should be encouraged for the motivation of current and future development.

Taking part actively in that role, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia proudly announces its 13th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR) 2013, following the previous successful conference in Bali in 2011. The selected theme for this year conference is “Exploring Innovation for Enhancement of Human Life and Environment”. Under this theme the conference focuses on the innovative contributions in science, engineering and design as well as their market perspectives to the existing and future enhancement of human life and environment quality. It is our utmost pleasure to hold QiR 2013 in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Civic Space (ICCS 2013). In addition, we also introduce the International Symposium on Community Development 2013 as a forum to share experience on engaging community for a better life and environment.

The QiR 2013 will bring together national and international frontliner, thinkers, academics, executives, government and business officials, practitioners and leaders to present and discuss a vast range of engineering, architectural design and community services in urban eco-based technology. It is our hope and aim that this conference would be able to provide an international media for exchange of the knowledge, experience and research as well as the review of progress and discussion on the state of the art and future trend of prospective collaboration and networking in broad field of eco-based technology development.

We warmly invite all researchers, academics, students, industry to join and share your latest results in QiR 2013. Special welcome is addressed to our regular participants to join us again in QiR 2013 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 25-28 June 2013.

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