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Semarang, The 5th International Seminar on New Pardigm and Innovation on Natural Sciences and Its Application (ISNPINSA 2015) held from October 7 to 8, 2015 in Diponegoro University, Semarang,Indonesia.
Rector, Diponegoro University Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH, M.Hum said that ISNPINSA 2015 continues its annual tradition of being the premier international forum to present and discuss progress in research, development, innovation, and applications of the topics related to the natural sciences. This forum will offer highquality scientific sharing, including oral presentation sessions and poster sessions.

“ISNPINSA 2015 will be a great seminar for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research as well as to experience the unique environment of Semarang, a city which has been at the heart of the artistic, cultural, and scientific development since many centuries.”

“The conference committee as well as countless volunteers, has been working tirelessly to create a rich experience and thought-provoking program. We are grateful for their dedication! I hope that you as an ISNPINSA attendee will be able to take advantage of what all of this hard work has produced. Experience and be inspired by the excellent program; reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.” He said.

Dean Faculty of Science and Mathematics Prof. Dr. Widowati, M.Si Energy and food have been the most important resources that directly influence the socioeconomic development of any country. Food is essential for human existence and energy is the key to human development.

“Access to these resources and their sustainable management are the basis for sustainable development. Recognizing that efficient use of these limited or declining resources is essential to sustainability, the global community has turned its attention to the concept of the integrated science of food and energy security for sustainable social, economic and environmental development.”

“The objectives of the 5th ISNPINSA are to be a space to disseminate updated knowledge regarding the food and energy security in the frame of sustainability, to facilitate brain storming and state of the art information in field of sciences and mathematics; to increase innovation of technology that can be applied in industries; to contribute in formulating strategy to increase the role of science for community; and to stimulate collaboration between industries, researchers and government to increase community welfare.” She said.

ISNPINSA Chair Dr. Agustina L. N. Aminin said that We are pleased to be hosting the 5th International Seminar on New Paradigm and Innovation on Natural Sciences and Its Application (ISNPINSA), to be held from October 7th  to 8 2015 in ICT Center, Diponegoro University.

“ISNPINSA is an annual conferences organized by Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics (FSM), Diponegoro University (UNDIP), Semarang, Indonesia. The theme of 5th INSPINSA is “Food and Energy Security: Integrated Science for Sustainability”.”

“This conference will provide an interactive international forum to provide for sharing and exchange information on the latest research on Food, Energy and related sciences, to enhance the capacities for creating innovation system, to contribute in the formulation of global strategies in advancing science role as well as developing policy initiatives in community, to stimulate future collaborations
among industries, researchers, governments and other stakeholders who apply science and technology for better live. The participants of the 5th ISNPINSA are up to 100 coming from Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Iran.” She said.

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