fsm.undip.ac.id– Undip Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) signed a collaboration with the Jepara Brackish Water Cultivation Fisheries Center (BBPBAP), Wednesday (27/10/2021), which was located on the 4th floor of the Acintya Persada Building, FSM Undip.

The signing itself was carried out by Plt. Jepara Brackish Water Cultivation Fisheries Center Moh Arifin, S.E and the Dean of FSM Prof. Dr. Widowati, S.Si, M.Si and also signed by the Chief Executive of MF-Kedaireka, Prof. Drs. Sapto P. Putro, MSi, Ph.D, as the initiator of the collaboration.

The collaboration is in the context of developing and applying science and technology. Among them include the development of sustainable productive aquaculture (Productive Sustainable Aquaculture) through the application of innovative inventions.

In particular, for the application of Multilevel Floating Cage (KJAB) technology, the IMTA system, hatchery technology which includes beautiful grouper, pomfret, white snapper, feed technology, and treatment of tropical diseases of cultivated biota.

It also concerns the development of environmental monitoring techniques in order to support the sustainability of aquaculture business and the development and application of the latest science and technology through joint research involving students.

Prof. Sapto P Putro, who is also the Head of the Laboratory of the Center of Marine Biomonitoring for Sustainable Aquaculture (Ce-MEBS), said that this collaboration was initially initiated by the Indonesia Sovereignty Matching Fund for Reka Cipta (MF-Kedaireka) 2021 Laboratory which was supported by the Laboratory of the Center of Marine Biomonitoring for Sustainable Aquaculture (Ce-MEBSA).

Where in the 2021 MF-Kedaireka activity, FSM Undip together with PT Rekayasa Agromarin Indonesia (RAI) partners, starting September 10, 2021, have carried out some student activities in the Karimunjawa area.

These students participate in the acceleration program for the implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM) to be converted into several academic activities, including thematic Real Work Lectures (KKN), final assignments, practical work, and relevant courses.

This initial series of activities included coordination with Pokdakan partner Lody Karimunjawa as direct beneficiaries, coordination with the Karimunjawa National Park Office, and the Karimunjawa Village Head and other village officials.

Furthermore, students are involved in monitoring water and sediment quality, data on hydrodynamic characteristics and water bathymetry and geospatial. The direct practice of making KJAB frames and nets will be supervised directly by Drs Imam Kadarisman as President Commissioner of PT RAI as well as field supervisor for MBKM students.

Also conducts the development of applicable research on the use of the area that prioritizes the principles of conservation and is environmentally sound.

Meanwhile, according to Prof. Sapto P Putro, the floating net cage (KJA) application with the Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) system has been collaborated with the Central Java Fisheries and Marine Service.

The event of the signing process by both parties ended with the provision of a Reference Book by Prof. Sapto P Putro entitled: Application concept of Integrated Polyculture Biomonitoring system cultivation.

Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) Undip signed a collaboration with the Jepara Brackish Water Cultivation Fisheries Center (BBPBAP)