Thursday (06/02) at the 6th floor of Acintya Prasada Building, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was held entitled “Windshear Detection System at the Airport for Improving Flight Operational Safety”. Present at the FGD included Amir Machmud (Angakas Pura), Ir. Masruri and Yunus Ardiyanto (KNKT), Achadi Subarkah Raharjo (BMKG Semarang), Edward Calisto (Lion Air), Prof. Ir. Teuku Faisal Fathani, ST., MT., PhD (UGM), representatives from ITS and the UNDIP research team include Dr. Agus Subagio, M.Sc, Dr. Kusworo Adi, MT., Dr. Rahmat Gernowo, M.Sc., Dr. Catur Edi Widodo, MT., Dr. Aris Puji Widodo, MT., Dr. Susilo Adi W, MT., And Ir. Jati Utomo D.H., PhD. The activity was opened by Prof. Dr. Widowati, S.Sc., M.Sc as the dean of the FSM. In his remarks, Prof. Widowati stressed the importance of collaborative research development to produce a work that is applicable and beneficial for the welfare of the people. In addition, the holding of FGDs related to research results must be intensified so as to further sharpen the orientation of future research. This FGD activity also carries a theme “Research and Development of the Use of Information Technology for Measuring Levels of Water Levels on Runways in the Context of Improving Flight Operational Safety”. Research led by Dr. Agus Subagio, M.Sc., focused on optimizing the use of information technology in airport runway governance. It is hoped that in the future the level of safety of aviation operations will increase with the help of technological devices designed by the best sons and daughters of the Indonesian people themselves (SP).