A series of activities in the Karimunjawa islands

fsm.udip.ac.id- The Karimun Jawa Islands area, Jepara Regency was chosen by the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) as an integrated research area based on the environment and nature conservation. The island in the north sea area of Java with its natural beauty has been visited by a team from FSM consisting of lecturers and students.

Prof. SaptoPurnomo PutroP.hD Professor of FSM as it collaborated with PT. Rekayasa Agromarin Indonesia (RAI) (RAI) starting Friday, September 10, 2021, has deployed students to the Karimunjawa islands.

“As a series of Kedaireka (Kemendikbudristek) Matching Fund activities, the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, together with partners, carry out student deployments to participate in the acceleration program for the implementation of the Independent Learning Campus”

These activities are converted into several academic performances including thematic Real Work Lectures, final assignments, practical work, and relevant courses,” he said. In addition, in the future, campus research will also be strengthened that brings high value to the community.

The initial series of activities included coordination with Pokdakan partner Lody Karimunjawa as beneficiaries. Then also coordinate with the Karimunjawa National Park Center (BTN), and the Karimunjawa Village Head and their equipment. Furthermore, students are involved in monitoring water and sediment quality, data on hydrodynamic characteristics of water and geospatial.

The series of activities chaired by Prof. Sapto Purnomo Putro, P.hD from the Department of Biology, FSM, has the theme of implementing Smart Productive Sustainable Aquaculture. The goal is to support the Karimunjawa BTN area, especially the cultivation zone as a place for the development of applicable research for the use of conservation and environmental-based areas.

“The IMTA system of floating net cages has also been popularized in collaboration with the Central Java Fisheries and Marine Service.

The implementation is monitored and coordinated with the Karimunjawa National Park Office using a digital pattern,” said the professor who graduated from Flinders University of South Australia.

Besides Prof. Sapto Purnomo Putro, P.hD as Head of the Department of Biology FSM and Chief Executive of MF-Kedaireka, also attended by Professor of FSM Prof. Dr. Widowati, S Si., M Sii as members of the implementing team, researcher Satriyo Adhy and Lecturer of Oceanography, Faculty of Fisheries, Marine Science Dr. Muhammad Helmi. Dr. Muhammad Helmi added that the application of the smart aquaculture method was supported by an internet information system (IoT). This will later be operated in the form of a Geoportal WebApplication with a smart multi-sensors database and videography for the application of green aquaculture.

In this activity, the implementing team had the opportunity to coordinate with the Head of the Karimunjawa National Park, Ir Titi Sudaryanti M.Sc. It is hoped that in the future the activities that are oriented towards conservation and marine ecotourism based on modern environmentally friendly cultivation can be collaborated.

At the coordination meeting, Titi even positively welcomed MF Kedaireka’s applied research activities that could facilitate environmentally sound research. In addition, the importance of applied research by considering aspects of area conservation and educating local communities in the use of national park areas (SPA).