FSM HEBAT LUAR BIASA. Friday, (11/11/2022) Slogan of encouragement to start training to improve discipline and communication of education and security personnel within the Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip on November 11-12, 2022 in the courtyard of the Acintya Prasada building. The training was opened by Vice Dean of Resources Prof. Dr. Kusworo Adi, S.Si, M.T. He personally thanked that the pandemic had passed so that he could hold this discipline training offline. Communication is the main factor in supporting professionalism in work. Therefore, the faculty cooperates with PT. Productive image of success to organize training. The two-day activity is physical fitness to realize discipline and the next activity is about effective communication to achieve a superior team.

Activities on Friday, November 11, 2022 the goal for educational personnel to introduce military-style marching regulations whose application in the workplace is to train discipline, readiness, focus, and loyalty in work. Then during the day continued with the application of communication, communication techniques, handling if communication does not run smoothly. For security officers, it will be held on the next day Saturday, November 12, 2022 because security officers train more physical strength, agility, discipline and responsibility. The entire staff of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics enthusiastically welcomed this training activity, it is hoped that in the future discipline training will be scheduled like this again so that discipline and communication that began to be substandard can recharge again. (Yeye)

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