fsm.undip.ac.id/ Semarang, 13 February 2024 – The Library of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) Diponegoro University (Undip) held a Library Expo event with the theme “Branding For Future” which highlighted the optimization of social media in daily activities and advancing the library into the digital era. This event is important for students and library users to understand the potential of social media in expanding the reach of library information and services.

In this digital era, the library is no longer just a place to store books, but also an information center that is connected to the world through social media platforms. Library Expo FSM Undip this time carries an innovative concept that combines library tradition with modern technology to create a more dynamic and interactive learning experience.

The event with the theme “Branding for Future”, discussed the optimization of social media which was also connected to the library and was filled by speaker 1, Natasya Rezki Tiurma “Acha” who is a student of Undip’s Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry who is also a content creator from Semarang and speaker 2, M. Satriya Wibowo from Undip’s Library Science Study Program and Chair of Undip’s Social Care UKM.

Undip FSM Library Librarian, Mrs. Yemima, said, “This Expo makes me interested because of the process of interns learning to handle an event. This event shows that the library supports FSM students’ learning activities by penetrating social media. Cooperating with Natasya Rezki, an FPP Undip student who is also a content creator, can open horizons about the various positive sides of social media. Our goal is that this expo can be held to international schools in the city of Semarang so that it can introduce FSM more widely.”

The event featured various interesting activities, ranging from practical workshops on social media management in daily activities, discussing the relationship of modern technological developments to libraries, to panel discussions on the challenges and opportunities of utilizing social media in life and for the library world.

“I think Library Expo is cool, the theme raised relates to the problems that now often occur among young people, namely social media addiction, hoping that events like this are often held while attracting students to the library.” Said Acha, one of the speakers at this event.

In addition, visitors were also invited to participate in various interactive activities, such as asking questions directly to the speaker on the topic of the “Library Expo”, also accompanied by discussion activities with library representatives about the availability at Undip FSM Library.

According to Freddy, one of the event participants, “I feel helped by the Library Expo organized by the FSM Library, seeing the material presented discusses the use of social media which is close to student life, this activity is very useful. Moreover, this proves that the library is not only present as a place to store books, but more than that, namely as a public space for students to discuss.”

The event was closed with high spirits and great hopes to continue to develop innovations in utilizing social media as an effective branding tool for the Undip FSM library. Thus, the library is not only a place to find information but also a center of learning and collaboration that inspires the entire campus community. [Hangga and friends]

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