fsm.undip.ac.id/ The first student visit in February (06/24) from Bogor City, namely Kosgoro High School, held a Goes to Campus to the Faculty of Science and Mathematics (FSM) Diponegoro University (Undip) as part of the preparation program to enter the world of lectures. The group consisted of students from grade 10 to grade 12 who were enthusiastic to explore science at the university level. They were received directly by the vice dean of academic and student affairs, Dr. Farikhin S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D who provided a general understanding of the various study programs available at Undip FSM and the potential for careers in science and mathematics.

During the visit, Bogor high school students had the opportunity to gain general knowledge about Undip FSM and interactive discussions with academics from Undip FSM. Through this activity, they not only gained a broader insight into science and mathematics, but also got a real picture of campus life at FSM Undip. The active involvement of students in the discussion helped create an inspiring, interactive atmosphere, and provided a motivational boost for those who are considering study options in the fields of science and mathematics.

Expectations from the remarks of the school representatives of SMA Kosgoro, undip is expected to knows that there is a good superior school from Bogor City so that it can be taken into consideration for undip to accept through the report card invitation route. This visit is expected to be a valuable moment  for students of SMA Kosgoro Bogor City, inspire them to pursue further knowledge in college. [Hangga]

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